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Pixels Academy provides job-oriented Animation, VFX, Game design, AR/VR, Multimedia courses and career development training to prepare students for different job roles in the media and entertainment industry globally.

Animation studios, gaming studios, publishing houses, TV channels, production houses, and advertising agencies are continuously looking out for VFX designers, gaming experts, animators, filmmakers, VFX artists, and graphic designers to work with them. Pixels Academy closely work with HR and technical departments of such organisations to find skilled and talented individuals for their team who knows the demand of the industry and work as professionals in their respective fields.

Job oriented training

India is the destination for world's largest employable talent pool. But only a small percentage has the skills to get directly employed. The remaining candidates are not skilled for new or complex service offering.

This is where Pixels Academies Job oriented and time driven courses help the youth to get the right skills and live their dreams.

  • Pixels have all job oriented professional programs
  • At Pixels we train in latest skills as per professional industry norms & practices
  • We ensure Job-readiness and Employability of the student with proper mentorship.

Our Recruiters


“Pixels Academy is awesome, with workshop based training and teaching by professionals from the industry made me learn best of visual effects. Thanks to Pixels Academy for placing me in Firefly Creative Studios. 100% recommended for people who wants to have a career and placement in the field of animation and vfx. ”


“At Pixels Academy I learned the core levels of visual effects in a very short time. I have been trained by VFX Supervisors from the industry who taught me the best techniques in vfx. I am very happy to learn from Pixels Academy, they placed me in Firefly Creative Studios with good salary and now I am working on big projects. Pixels Academy is the best.”

Nadendla Vedashree

“At Pixels I had a very good experience. Classes were interactive and were taught in interesting manner. Details were taught and all the doubts were cleared during classes. I am indeed very happy to learn this course. Timings arew very flexible and course content and structure was designed very professionally. Overall I had a very good experience in Pixels Academy.”

Nikita Matta

“ Pixels Academy gave me a great opportunity to broaden my knowledge with International standard. My tutor has always made it sure that I am comfortable and progressing well in each and every class. Infrastructure was always maintained, neat & clean and staff was really friendly. Within a month of course duration I learnt so much techincally, and I am sure that with this strong basics I will excel in my career. Thank you Pixels Academy.”

G. Santosh Kumar

“ Hello, I am Santosh Kumar, And this is my experience over Pixels Academy. I have joined the institution as a normal guy, with zero knowledge about Visual Effects world, as my course started I consiquently started learling new things, new concepts in an entirely different field. Pixels Academy has provided me the best knowledge and skill to step in a Film Industry. My teacher Vikash Sir as very kind and intellect in thoughts made me learn things much quicker even apart from my thought. The facilities and Faculties in the institution is very good. And special thanks for "Ikram sir" for pushing me with his words, that really powers my spirit to learn more and learn quick. Thanking you "Pixels Academy.”

success stories

Aditya Dinesh

Manvith Kumar JM

Tarun Varma

Chinmaye Hasini

Rasagna T

Karthik L

Sandeep G

Pragathi B

Rushi Kunjam

Vamshi K

Zeba Khan

PVN Karthikeya

Robert Will

Prashanth Reddy

Sai Kumar

Naveen Babu

DInesh K G

Yuva Chandra

Sumanth Y

Padma Sai

Shaikh Ineesha

Shaikh Afreen

Praneeth Kumar

Ranga Prasad

Divya Monica


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