corporate training

corporate training

PIXELS Academy brings knowledge from internationally renowned industry professionals to our students, right here in India.

Our corporate training program is intended to produce talent with a touch of updated technology and excellent communication skills. We are committed to developing high quality digital effects Practitioner with an in depth understanding of theoretical bases, underlying techniques and practical skills central to the professional post production and digital Visual Effects creation process for film and television.

We approach our esteemed clients not only with our training programs, but with an effective system to monitor trainers & trainees and with metrics to measure ROI from our T/D programs. Merely training is not our service; our service is to increase the productivity of our valuable clients. We strictly believe in doing activities that are result oriented. Corporate training involves knowledge sharing directly from the Indian and Hollywood industry professionals..


Benefits for production companies and Why Pixels?

Customized curriculum design

A passionate team of experts drives our curriculum design. We conduct rigorous analysis of industry requirement and map competencies required to deliver high performance. We can customize the program to meet the projected human capital requirement of our valuable clients.

Simulation based training

Our model of training is driven by project based learning environment, and mentored by professionals having hands on experience on delivering high quality domestic and international project.

Dynamic recruitment plan

We are aware of the recruitment challenges faced by an organization to produce skilled workforce that meets their idle bench capacity, and can be immediately deployed depending upon project requirement.

Suitability, feasibility & acceptability

Our corporate training mantra is not just to produce a student but also an employee fit for the job, who meets your requirements, is affordable and is compatible with the team.

Building talent, not merely a technician

Our Training and development program is LINKED with our HCIS (human capital intelligent system) that evaluates our training process, measures learning outcomes & gives you complete access on ROI compatible with organizational performance metrics.

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