corporate social responsibility

corporate social

Pixels’ social responsibility initiatives work to foster and enhance sustainable business practices throughout the organization. To do so, we have identified four key areas that shape our overall CSR program.

Pixels is committed to transforming our communities and shaping the diverse workforce of tomorrow by leveraging the power of digital media.

Philanthropy :

  • Scholarships to enable deserving students an opportunity to gain skills in digital media. To date, Pixels has helped many students achieve success through our training programs.
  • Education of women in the field of digital arts helps to level the playing field in an industry that used to be male dominated. At Pixels, we give women an opportunity to explore the world of animation and media and attain skills in highly sought after fields.
  • Pixels welcomes students of diverse backgrounds and abilities. Our faculty, staff and environment is welcoming and inclusive.

Environment :

  • Pixels is helping to reduce its carbon footprint by reducing or completely eliminating the use of plastic and non-environmentally friendly materials.
  • Pixels contribute to the building of green spaces by planting trees in the community. Pixels has been actively involved in tree planting across the city over the last several years. Through the tree-plantation project, Pixels effectively contributes to the larger community effort in building viable green spaces.

Workforce :

  • Pixels continues to champion those who are deserving of employment through the creation of training and job opportunities for females and those with learning and physical challenges. Those employed at Pixels have equal access to all opportunities based on clear criteria that are unbiased.

Community :

  • Pixels helps support the local community through access to free education for lower income students. Pixels champions communities through their work in ensuring all students have access to learning. Pixels bridges the divide between mainstream animators and students by offering training from those who are active in the industry. As trainers, these teaching resources provide students at Pixels with a very unique and valuable experience.

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