digital imaging for film and television

The latest and greatest technology is meaningless without inspired instruction and practice. Digital imaging for Film and Television is specially inspired by experienced industry professionals through intensive research and years of experience to fill the gap between training and post production environment. The course objective for Digital FX for Film and Television, is to create graduates with the range and depth of skills necessary to be future digital effect artists or visual effects designers. This course equips you with detailed theoretical, methodological, and technical study of the latest developments in the use of visual effects in contemporary media. The modules unite a powerful scientific/technical training with industry-inspired hands-on examination of issues surrounding creativity, program creation and artistic decision-making.

Course Duration : 6 Months

Aim :

  • To provide students with an in-depth understanding of the theoretical bases, underlying technologies, and practical skills central to the professional postproduction and Digital effects creation process for film and television.
  • To encourage students to participate in open space cultural activity, attend Film Festivals and visit Museums, Art galleries, Painting and Photography exhibitions to develop an understanding of contemporary medium of communication and a good aesthetic sense.
  • To enhance understanding of professional production values and aesthetics through Project based learning environment, technical analysis, critical evaluation and reflective learning.
  • To equip students with industry specific technical skills using industry standard software for further developing their problem-solving skills with industry standard Demo reel in their area of specialization.
  • To develop high quality Digital Fx practioner.

Entry Criteria :

  • 10+2 or Equivalent (Any Stream) with good English communication skills and creative bent of mind.
  • Applicant should have their personal Demo reel which reflects their traditional art skill and basics of computer graphics (optional).
  • Admission is based on performance in the creative aptitude test and personal interview with the academic manager.

Course Structure :


  • Introduction to computer graphics
  • Introduction to history of art
  • History of digital fx
  • Basics of color theory
  • Basics of cinematography For Digital Fx
  • Pre-Production an art of effective story telling
  • Digital representation of Visual Information
  • Basic Image manipulation using Photoshop
  • Matte paintings in Photoshop


  • Introduction to optical compositing
  • Motion graphics design
  • Camera projections & set extensions
  • 2D & 3D compositing, Depth & camera effects
  • Matte paintings & effects


  • Demo reel creation


  • Node based compositing
  • Multichannel compositing technique
  • Retouching & cleanup techniques
  • 2D & 3D compositing, Depth & camera effects
  • Matte creation and manipulation
  • Stereo workflows
  • Principal photography for VFX & Aesthetics’ of Compositing


  • Introduction to Nuke’s Third Dimension
  • Multiplane and Depth Compositing
  • Principal photography for VFX
  • Esthetics of Compositing
  • Matte Creation and Manipulation
  • Integration techniques
  • Nuke 32 bit Float Color management Pipeline
  • In Depth Multipass Compositing
  • Photorealistic camera lens effect
  • Quality and Efficiency Management
  • Introduction to stereo workflow

The Pixels Advantage

Program Benefits :

  • Develope new skills
  • Courses designed and thought by industry professionals
  • Each course helps to build up to the next level

The Pixels Programme allows you to :

  • Expand your career possibilities by learning new skills
  • Begin a second career
  • Bring your ideas to life

After successful completion of the course student can explore their career opportunity as :

  • Digital Artist (Rotoscopy & paint)
  • Junior Compositor
  • Compositor
  • Cg generalist
  • Data wrangler

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