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Why should I attend the 'Open House' at Pixels Academy?

I am a beginner and am interested in a career in animation. How should I go about it?

Who teaches at Pixels Academy?

Do you have a selection process for admissions?

I am a professional working in an animation studio. Are there any courses that I could take to upgrade my skills?

I am from a different city. Do you provide accommodation if I enrol in a course at your academy?

Are there any specific landmarks I can keep in mind while locating your academy?

What is an authorized training centre?

Are there any age restrictions?

What can I expect at Pixels Academy?

Does Pixels Academy provide courses that guarantee a job?

Do you have any online classes?

How often do new batches start?

Do you have any separate and special timing for working professionals?

Can I enrol into both the VFX and animation courses simultaneously?

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