Why Pixels Academy

why pixels academy?

Imagine the opportunity to interact with the finest professionals who have worked on Hollywood animation blockbusters like Rango, Transformers, Rise of the Guardians, Madagascar 3, The Legend of Secret Pass, to name a few. And for an aspiring animator, what could be better than Hollywood? - the destination and hub of great animation!

Envisage the possibility of learning directly from them and getting your own work moulded to match standards set by world class studios like Disney, Pixar and Warner Bros.

That dream can be a reality now! Pixels Academy is here to translate such visions into reality. It is envisioned as a space where the limitlessness of the human imagination is brought to life with tools of creativity and technique through mentorship by the finest professionals across the VFX, Gaming and Animation industries. Pixels Academy believes in grooming its students to be industry-ready in every possible way; from technical know-how to presentation skills, from creative execution to learning how to tackle on-the-job challenges.

We strive to ensure that you learn and evolve across all dimensions. In short, the calibre of training you receive, will enable you to work for internationally renowned companies, whose projects are creatively satisfying and widely accessible to the audience. So, what are you waiting for?

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