Cartoon Animation with
ToonBoom Harmony

For the past 20 years, Toon Boom has been changing the animation world one production at a time.

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ToonBoom Harmony and Story Board Pro is the most cutting-edge software available, offering stunning array of tools that blow the doors wide open to a new 2d animation experience. Harmony Standalone provides individual users the opportunity to work with the time-proven animation software that is relied upon in studios worldwide. Also, as a freelancer, you will enjoy working alongside studios that are on the Harmony Solution. This course objective is to create graduates who knows bits and bytes of paperless and digital approach of traditional animation using the most recent and industry adopted tools.

  • Learn the theory and practice of industry standard tools and processes.
  • Gain a toolbox of effective problem-solving skills required for paperless animation.
  • To build high-quality professionals who are expert in 2d animation .
  • Learn the required theory to start out as a 2d Animator/ 2d Character Rigger/Preproduction artist.
  • Practical hands-on classes with mentorship to gain real practical experience.
  • 10+2 or Equivalent (Any Stream) with good English communication skills and creative bent of mind.
  • Applicant should have traditional art skill(advantage) and basics of computer graphics (optional).

Fundamentals of 2d animation & pipeline

  • Introduction to the world traditional animation.
  • Design pipeline and digital tools.
  • Terminologies, Techniques, processes of paperless approach.

Sketching essentials for Traditional Animation

  • Essentials of sketching.
  • Making storyboards.
  • Drawing principals, perspective, posses.
  • process of cell animation & terminologies.
  • art creation process and pipeline.
  • understanding of aesthetics of 2d animation.

Storyboarding with Toonboom Storyboard Pro

  • Creating projects.
  • Importing scripts and Organising.
  • Importing Dialogues.
  • Animation and twining.
  • Creating animatics.
  • exporting movies.

Animation with ToonBoom Harmony Premium

  • Paperless animation techniques.
  • Onion skinning, Pegs, Rigging, Camera and effects.
  • Auto patching and Cutters mechanism for animation.
  • Multiplane camera movement in animation.
  • Character rig setup for paperless animation.
  • Cut-out Animation.
  • 2d animation effects node library.
  • Creating substitution drawings for animations.
  • exporting movies.


  • Concept to final cut-out animation including character design..
  • Bg Preparation and camera effects.
  • Exporting final video.
  • Storyboarding Artist
  • Preproduction Artist.
  • 2d Animator.
  • ToonBoom harmony Rigger.
  • Cut-out Animator.

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