game design in unity 3D

game design
in unity 3D

Learn how to build your own games, using industry standard tools and processes

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Duration : 6 Months

Make work as fun as play! Design your own games. This is a comprehensive course that trains to conceptualize and design every aspect of a game art creation. It prepares you to be the brain behind your games through designing characters, Assets, Levels and everything which makes a game interesting. Through this course, students will learn the industry standard processes in 3DsMax and Unity3D. Hands-on exposure to these tools and techniques sets up students for long-term success.

  • Learn the theory and practice of industry standard tools and processes.
  • Gain a toolbox of effective problem-solving skills required to build games.
  • To build high-quality professionals who are effective in game design.
  • Learn the required theory to start out as a Generalist in the industry.
  • Practical hands-on classes with mentorship to gain real practical experience.
  • 10+2 or Equivalent (Any Stream) with good English communication skills and creative bent of mind.
  • Applicant should have basics of computer graphics (optional).
  • Admission is based on performance in the creative aptitude test and personal interview with the academic manager.

Fundamentals of game design

  • Introduction to the world of gaming.
  • Design pipeline.
  • Terminologies, Techniques, processes.
  • Preproduction for games design.
  • Texture creation and texture maps.
  • Seamless textures creation for games.

3d Art design for gaming

  • Character modelling for gaming.
  • Asset creation for Gaming.
  • Game level modelling.
  • UV Unwrapping for gaming.
  • Texturing for gaming ( Texture map creation ).
  • Rigging & Animation for gaming.
  • Texture Backing.

Unity 3d gaming engine

  • Setting up gaming environment.
  • Managing assets.
  • Creating player control.
  • Level design & Editing.
  • Character animation.
  • Occlusion culling & Particle system.
  • Packing games.


  • Game preproduction based on a theme.
  • Character & Level design for game concept.
  • Packing own game in Unity3d.

After successful completion of the course student can explore their carrier opportunity as :

  • Game designer
  • Level designer
  • Game artist / Lead artist
  • Animator
  • Game tester / QA Tester

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