AR & VR Certification

The revolutionary VR and AR, the future of application design in many streams like retail, Engineering, Medical and other areas. This course is design to teach the skill set which is required build Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experiences. This course teaches you VR & AR Design with Google cardboard, vuforia and HTC Vive the most common hardware available. Learn to put your 3d models in a VR or AR environment and interact live with them.

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Duration : 6 Months / 3 Months

  • Learn the theory and practice of industry standard tools and processes.
  • Gain a toolbox of effective problem-solving skills required for paperless AR & VR.
  • To build high-quality professionals AR & VR .
  • Learn the required theory to start out as a Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality professional.
  • Practical hands-on classes with mentorship to gain real practical experience.
  • Learn to design VR & AR with Google Cardboard, Vuforia, HTC Vive.
  • Graduate or Equivalent (Any Stream) with good English communication skills and creative bent of mind.
  • Having some knowledge of programming will be advantage though not mandatory
  • Have a VR compatible Smartphone
  • Admission is based on performance in the creative aptitude test and personal interview with the academic manager.

Fundamentals of Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

  • Introduction to the world AR & VR.
  • Design pipeline and digital tools.
  • Terminologies, Techniques, processes.
  • Introduction to its various aspects like GUI, Types & Development tool.

Creating 3d for VR & AR

  • Creating 3d for VR & AR
  • Exporting for VR & AR.
  • Modelling asset.
  • Texture and animation export for AR & VR.

Unity 3d for VR & AR

  • Exploring the Unity User Interface.
  • Using Game Objects and Assets, Managing assets.
  • Building camera, Particles, Player system.
  • Player control & setup.
  • Designing UI, Building and deployment.
  • Developing VR for Google cardboard
  • Developing VR for HTC Vive
  • Developing AR with Vuforia, Marker & Marker less AR


  • Developing AR & VR Application.
  • 3d asset creation for AR & VR.

After successful completion of the course student can explore their career opportunity as :

  • VR Designer.
  • AR Designer.
  • Asset Designer.
  • VR & AR Developer.

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